ZEBRA is a product that has been developed by DLS controls group to simplify the connection and generation of trigger and gate signals in beamline experiments. It takes a variety of input signals types such as TTL, LVDS, NIM and PECL, passes them through some configurable logic blocks, and outputs the same range of signals. It also has the ability to read incremental encoders, generate pulses based on their position, and capture their position at set time intervals. This support module allows settings to be changed and data to be read over the serial line of ZEBRA.

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Version iconSource Code iconDocumentation
1-13 iconzebra-1-13.tgz iconindex
1-10 iconzebra-1-10.tgz iconindex
1-9 iconzebra-1-9.tgz iconindex
1-8 iconzebra-1-8.tgz iconindex
1-7 iconzebra-1-7.tgz iconindex
1-1 iconzebra-1-1.tgz iconindex

Release Notes

Release 1-13

  • Disable writing of position compare/capture variables while acquisition active
  • Use motor record ERES rather than MRES values
  • Added CS-Studio opis (Thanks to Diego Omitto from BNL)

Release 1-10

  • Updated standalone gui with fixed labels
  • Turned encoder sum position compare into encoder average
  • Added firmware and hardware test suite

Release 1-9

  • Added standalone precompiled GUI and IOC setup

Release 1-8

  • Removed VDCT build dependency

Release 1-7

  • Changed prescaler values to give us 4 decimal places
  • Added DRVH and DRVL fields to 32-bit records. Shuffled gui around in line with DASC settings. Added new :Bx fields for bitfields. Changed polling loop so that we can poll the system bus at 1Hz and register gets at 3Hz by decoupling send and receive, use old polling behaviour during position capture
  • Added manual and wrote a bit of software documentation
  • Removed acalcout records and calc dependency
  • Added changes to support firmware 0x21

Release 1-1

  • Initial release