This module contains an asyn motor driver for Delta Tau PMAC co-ordinate systems (CS), along with some sample CS definitions. This allows the programmer to set axes to move in a synchronised fashion according to arbitrary mathematical transfer functions. For instance it allows 3 vertical jacks of a table to scan pitch at a constant velocity, or the bragg and vertical axes of a DCM to scan energy linearly.




Version iconSource Code iconDocumentation
1-11 iconpmacCoord-1-11.tgz iconindex
1-6 iconpmacCoord-1-6.tgz iconindex

Release Notes

Release 1-11

  • More co-ordinate system definitions, and some minor fixes.
  • Patch from J. Lewis Muir that changes the steps per unit parameter to a double.
  • Patch from J. Lewis Muir that signals the polling thread when changing polling rate.

Release 1-6

  • Initial release