firewireDCAM EPICS Support Module


Author: Ulrik Pedersen, Diamond Light Source Ltd.

December 2008

The firewireDCAM module is distributed under the LGPL. See the COPYING and COPYING.LESSER files for details or visit


This module is a Linux firewire (IEEE 1394) camera driver plug-in for another EPICS support module/framework: areaDetector by Mark Rivers, University of Chicago.

Firewire IEEE1394 Cameras

This module uses a set of open source libraries to control the cameras. The main library is libdc1394 which is able to control firewire cameras that comply with the IIDC DCAM protocol. Please see the libdc1394 list of cameras and the libdc1394 FAQ for more details about which cameras can be used with libdc1394 (note that the developer of this module has only tested with a limited number of camera models: Point Grey Flea2 and AVR Pike)

Digital video recorders with tapes or other local memory typically does not comply with the IIDC DCAM protocol! Cameras that produce compressed images are not supported either. This module does not and is not planned to provide any compression or decompression features. If such feature is needed it is recommended to develop a compression plug-in to the areaDetector framework.

The module supports both 1394A [400Mb\s] and 1394B [800Mb\s] mode cameras but only in 8 bit per pixel MONO mode, and 24 bits per pixel RGB mode!

Where to get it

Released versions of the module can be downloaded as source code tarballs from the Diamond website. See DLS controls "EPICS support modules".

Development versions can be checked out of the Subversion repository for the EPICS applications project. A user account is not required to check out/download the code from the subversion repository, just issue the following command:

svn co

If you want to contribute code to the repository, please contact the maintainer of this module for further details.

How to build

For information about how to build the module, and dealing with various dependencies, please see the Build Instructions.

Getting Started

The User Manual contain information about the supplied database template, configuration functions and how to modify the provided example to suit your camera and how to get it running initially.

Release Notes

Information about known problems and bugs, missing features and so on can be found here: Release Notes

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