firewireDCAM is an areaDetector plugin for firewire (IEEE1394) IIDC DCAM compatible cameras

External Modules

Please note that some releases may depend on dls tagged versions of external modules (areaDetector, asyn, busy, autosave). These modifications are only relevant for internal diamond uses, and standard versions of these modules can be used.

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Current development and releases take place on areaDetector GitHub




Version iconSource Code iconDocumentation
1-8 iconfirewireDCAM-1-8.tgz iconindex
1-1 iconfirewireDCAM-1-1.tgz iconindex
1-0 iconfirewireDCAM-1-0.tgz iconindex

Release Notes

Release 1-8

  • Requires areaDetector 1-6 or later (recommended current version: 1-7beta1)
  • Added firewire tool standalone application to report and diagnose a chain of cameras
  • Improved error handling on bus and camera errors to prevent blocking

Release 1-1

  • Colour support added via an additional argument to FDC_Config

Release 1-0

  • Initial release
  • Requires areaDetector 1-4