ffmpegServer is a windows and linux areaDetector plugin wrapping the ffmpeg libraries that provides 2 functions:

  • ffmpegStream: Compression into an mjpg stream which is made available over http.
  • ffmpegFile: Compression to disk into any file format that ffmpeg supports.
You need to download and build nullhttpd before using this module

Moved to GitHub

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Current development and releases take place on areaDetector GitHub

External Modules

Please note that some releases may depend on dls tagged versions of external modules (areaDetector, asyn, busy, autosave). These modifications are only relevant for internal diamond uses, and standard versions of these modules can be used.




Version iconSource Code iconDocumentation
2-1-1dls1 iconffmpegServer-2-1-1dls1.tgz iconindex
1-16-3 iconffmpegServer-1-16-3.tgz iconindex
1-9 iconffmpegServer-1-9.tgz iconindex
1-2 iconffmpegServer-1-2.tgz iconindex
1-1 iconffmpegServer-1-1.tgz iconindex
1-0 iconffmpegServer-1-0.tgz iconindex

Release Notes

Release 2-1-1dls1

  • Vendor update to ffmpeg 2.1.1
  • Changed release numbering to match ffmpeg release numbers
  • Fixed bug that causes ffmpegServer to sometimes crash with images smaller than 144x144 pixels
  • Changed windows build to recreate vendor import libs, as supplied libs were not compatible with VC2012 compiler and earlier

Release 1-16-3

  • Various bug fixes to Qt viewer
  • Updated to use areaDetector 1-9

Release 1-9

  • Fixed windows pthread_cond_wait issues
  • Qt Viewer is now no longer always one frame behind
  • Qt Viewer now uses xvideo, added fallback mode for vnc/nx
  • Add options to limit the maximum width and height of the mjpg image
  • Added win64 support
  • Requires areaDetector 1-6 or 1-7

Release 1-2

  • Fixed windows build and problems with deadlocks
  • Initialised some more variables properly
  • Requires areaDetector 1-6 or 1-7

Release 1-1

  • Added URL PV for jpg and mjpg stream
  • Initialised variables properly (fixes unexplained seg faults)
  • Requires areaDetector 1-6

Release 1-0

  • Initial release
  • Requires areaDetector 1-6