Release notes

Release 4-7

Add "version.h" to encode a module version used to verify that scanner and ioc are running the same release. Unmatched releases can cause unexpected results to show upstream, because possible changes in the mapping of the packets sent from the scanner to the EPICS ioc. (jira bc-210)

Modify serialtool and slaveinfo programs to check slaves are supported (jira bc-131)

Release 4-6

Changes to CSS screens

Release 4-5

Added ESI device descriptions to support EL3202-0010 revision 0x0014000a (Jira BC-128)

Release 4-3

Add severity to records when bus disconnected

An extra metadata parameter per slave is sent by the scanner to indicate the status of the cyclic slave information request ecrt_master_get_slave. This value is used when not zero to indicate an asynDisconnected status for the port which translates into an invalid severity for the records using the slave's asyn port.

Release 4-2

Add scanner support for multiple masters

Release 4-1

Fix EL3702 oversampling support broken since 3-x Dls trac #8598 Add doxygen documentation

Release 4-0

SDO support, released from sdo_support branch, not integrated in trunk

Release 3-1 and 3-2

Add screens for EL2595

Release 3-0

Added support for the el2595 led controller.

The slave initialisation was re-worked to allow a pdo mapping to be added. Previous scanner xml configuration files are not compatible.

The iocbuilder support was modified to generate sync manager information to match the new initialisation parameters needed. A new element "PdoAssignment" was added for slaves that require an additional pdo mapping at startup.

The release also addresses the generic ADC scaling. EGUF/EGUL values of analogue records will need to be modified if using generic adc support.

Up to release 2-2, these are releases from the 'rhel6' branch in subversion. From release 2-3 these are releases from 'trunk'

Release 2-3 05/02/14

Add documentation related to generic ADC. Include patch by Damien Lynch.

Release 2-2 29/10/13

Create asyn parameter to describe each slave Modified scaling to improve support of 24-bit ADCs Modified templates for EP3204-0002 and EP3314-0002 to show values in deg C

Release 2-1 19/07/13

Modifications in iocbuilder support

Release 2-0 11/07/13

Release prepared for RHEL6 systems

uses patched ethercat library

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