Building the etherlab library

Building the etherlab library for DLS ethercat
Ronaldo Mercado
September 2014, locations updated March 2015

The DLS EPICS ethercat support module [1] uses a patch in etherlab to
suppress error messages being sent to stderr.

The patch was published in the etherlab-devel mailing list on
2013-07-02 [2] [3]

The patch submitted is incomplete - a modification to include
liberror.c in lib/ is missing. The steps below produce a
compatible library.


hg clone etherlabmaster-code
cd etherlabmaster-code
hg update 2eff7c993a63
patch -p1 < ~/configurable-error-suppression.patch

The build script at Diamond uses this invocation to "configure"

  ./configure --enable-generic --disable-r8169 --disable-8139too --prefix=$TARGET_PREFIX


This file "building.src" and "configure-error-suppression.patch" were uploaded to
the distribution as part of the documentation (see below).

* References

Patch to stop errors in stderr

The patch for the etherlab library: configurable-error-suppression.patch

Patch to avoid syslog spamming

A further patch thanks to the etherlab mailing list: avoid-syslog-spam-when-bus-loses-power.patch

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