Release notes

Release 4-1

Fix EL3702 oversampling support broken since 3-x Dls trac #8598 Add doxygen documentation

Release 4-0

SDO support, released from sdo_support branch, not integrated in trunk

Release 3-1 and 3-2

Add screens for EL2595

Release 3-0

Added support for the el2595 led controller.

The slave initialisation was re-worked to allow a pdo mapping to be added. Previous scanner xml configuration files are not compatible.

The iocbuilder support was modified to generate sync manager information to match the new initialisation parameters needed. A new element "PdoAssignment" was added for slaves that require an additional pdo mapping at startup.

The release also addresses the generic ADC scaling. EGUF/EGUL values of analogue records will need to be modified if using generic adc support.

Up to release 2-2, these are releases from the 'rhel6' branch in subversion. From release 2-3 these are releases from 'trunk'

Release 2-3 05/02/14

Add documentation related to generic ADC. Include patch by Damien Lynch.

Release 2-2 29/10/13

Create asyn parameter to describe each slave Modified scaling to improve support of 24-bit ADCs Modified templates for EP3204-0002 and EP3314-0002 to show values in deg C

Release 2-1 19/07/13

Modifications in iocbuilder support

Release 2-0 11/07/13

Release prepared for RHEL6 systems

uses patched ethercat library

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