This module contains an areaDetector driver for the VGScienta Electron Analyser. The EPICS IOC runs on the Windows machine provided with the analyser, and communicates via the VGScienta SESWrapper to the instrument. edm GUI screens are included which present the PVs exposed by the IOC.




Version iconSource Code iconDocumentation
2-13 iconelectronAnalyser-2-13.tgz iconindex
2-9 iconelectronAnalyser-2-9.tgz iconindex
2-6 iconelectronAnalyser-2-6.tgz iconindex
2-4 iconelectronAnalyser-2-4.tgz iconindex
2-1 iconelectronAnalyser-2-1.tgz iconindex
1-8 iconelectronAnalyser-1-8.tgz iconindex
1-7 iconelectronAnalyser-1-7.tgz iconindex
1-3 iconelectronAnalyser-1-3.tgz iconindex

Release Notes

Release 1-3

  • Initial website release