aravisGigE EPICS Support Module



This module is a thin wrapper to the aravis library for industrial gigabit ethernet cameras which provide a Genicam interface, and an epics driver is provided for any parameter exposed in a category of its genicam XML file. A python script is included for creating databases and edm screens from the XML file too.

Tested cameras:

The documentation here is top level documentation on creating an IOC with an aravisCamera areaDetector driver:

If you need to add another type of similar camera, read the Adding a new camera section

If you need to change the code, please read the documentation for the aravis library.


As this module is just a wrapper to aravis, it is not distributed with aravis, so you need to download and compile aravis in order to use the module. After downloading and untarring aravisGigE, either:

You are now ready to build the module.

Adding a new camera

Known Bugs

Build Instructions

IOCs built using these build instructions are available in iocs/

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