aravisGigE is a linux areaDetector driver wrapping the aravis libraries which supports industrial gigabit ethernet cameras which provide a Genicam interface.

You may need an updated version of glib to build this module. See the installation instructions for more information.

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Current development and releases take place on areaDetector GitHub

External Modules

Please note that some releases may depend on dls tagged versions of external modules (areaDetector, asyn, busy, autosave). These modifications are only relevant for internal diamond uses, and standard versions of these modules can be used.




Version iconSource Code iconDocumentation
0-3-5dls5 iconaravisGigE-0-3-5dls5.tgz iconindex
0-3-5dls4 iconaravisGigE-0-3-5dls4.tgz iconindex
0-1-15dls6 iconaravisGigE-0-1-15dls6.tgz iconindex
0-1-15dls2 iconaravisGigE-0-1-15dls2.tgz iconindex
0-1-14dls1 iconaravisGigE-0-1-14dls1.tgz iconindex
0-1-14 iconaravisGigE-0-1-14.tgz iconindex
0-1-10 iconaravisGigE-0-1-10.tgz iconindex
0-1-9 iconaravisGigE-0-1-9.tgz iconindex
0-1-8 iconaravisGigE-0-1-8.tgz iconindex
0-1-4dls1 iconaravisGigE-0-1-4dls1.tgz iconindex

Release Notes

Release 0-3-5dls5

  • Added hardware support for Multiple and Single image modes
  • areaDetector 1-9 (should work with 2-0 series too)
  • Release 0-3-5dls4

  • areaDetector 1-9 (should work with 2-0 series too)
  • Changed architecture so that stream is torn down and recreated every time the camera is stopped. This seems to be more reliable than clearing out the buffers and recreating them, and also means that cameras like the PSL that start numbering frames from 0 each time they are started work now.
  • Param type is now encoded in param name (e.g. ARVD_Gain is double param Gain). All databases updated to match. This means that the database is now the master, and deleting records from the database will now mean that those params are not polled.
  • Added JAI-CM-140GE-UV, and adapted aravisCamera.cpp to handle integer exposure times
  • Changed AVT_Manta class name to AVT_Manta_1_42 for old firmware cameras. Added AVT_Mako_1_52
  • Added SVS_evo4050
  • Release 0-1-15dls6

  • areaDetector 1-9
  • Makefile tweaks for 64-bit versions of GLIB
  • adding support for the BAsler piA640 camera
  • added PGR_Blackfly
  • added Photonic sciences LC SCMOS camera support
  • Release 0-1-15dls2

    • areaDetector 1-6 or 1-7beta1
    • Added support for Baumer HXG20
    • Put the packet size set command before we make the stream, stops the corrupted images at camera startup
    • Added NULL checks for feature values
    • Reduce timeout to 100ms, don't check payload size after every frame which should increase performance for cameras running at more than 30Hz

    Release 0-1-14dls1

    • areaDetector 1-6 or 1-7beta1
    • Explicitly set packet size to 1500 to avoid Bad Frame messages when camera has just restarted
    • Don't try and use Mono14 mode for UInt16 as it doesn't seem to work on Manta cameras

    Release 0-1-14

    • Update to vendor 0.1.14
    • areaDetector 1-6 or 1-7beta1
    • Vendor update fixes some memory leaks and adds support for some new genicam elements
    • Added limited support for Sony CVC EH6300PGR (some connection issues with current firmware)
    • Fixed issue where acquire was being updated before array callbacks were called, causing blocking plugins to update their pvs after a put callback on acquire completed

    Release 0-1-10

    • Update to vendor 0.1.10
    • areaDetector 1-6 or 1-7beta1
    • Vendor update fixes bug where camera loses connection after a period of time
    • Added limited support for PGR Flea3 (not completely supported in aravis yet)
    • Added pv to disable getting feature values

    Release 0-1-9

    • Update to vendor 0.1.9
    • areaDetector 1-6 or 1-7beta1
    • Refactor of driver to be generic. It now tries to map features to standard ADBase features, then exposes all features as custom features
    • Added python script to use genicam xml to generate database and edm screen for custom features
    • Added databases for AVT Manta, Prosilica GC, Baumer TXG, JAI Pulnix 6740
    • Rework of feature checking so one feature is checked every 25ms if there is enough time

    Release 0-1-8

    • Update to vendor 0.1.8
    • areaDetector 1-6 or 1-7beta1
    • Reworked the start and stop code, camera will now pop buffers on start, includes 1s delay if changing geometry while acquiring to try and flush buffers out of system
    • Added message queue between the aravis callbacks and the epics driver
    • Fixed uninitialised memory error

    Release 0-1-4dls1

    • Update to vendor 0.1.4
    • areaDetector 1-6 or 1-7beta1
    • Filled buffers with exact size for current camera geometry. May cause a slight delay when changing camera geometry while running
    • Re-enabled library support for intelligent caching
    • Added TriggerMode element