Framework for implementing IOCs in Python. Depends on the cothread and iocbuilder modules (though in practice both of these dependencies can be untangled if required). Please contact me below if you're trying to use this.

A git repository containing work in progress for pythonSoftIoc can be cloned by running the command:

git clone

For the most up to date version of this software please visit the github page.




Version iconSource Code iconDocumentation
2.11 iconpythonSoftIoc-2.11.tgz README, Docs
2.10 iconpythonSoftIoc-2.10.tgz README, Docs
2-2 iconpythonSoftIoc-2-2.tgz None
1-5 iconpythonSoftIoc-1-5.tgz None

Release Notes

Release 2.11

  • Fixes segmentation fault on 64-bit platform when calling .set() on an OUT record.

Release 2.10

  • The dependency of pythonSoftIoc on iocbuilder has been replaced by epicsdbbuilder which is a lot easier to use and configure outside of Diamond.
  • Useful documentation now written.

Release 2-2

  • Git repository added to download directory.
  • Minor incompatibly API changes and tidying up of API. Conversion from 1-0 to 2-0 API is mostly a matter of moving everything into the softioc module.

Release 1-5

  • Initial release