Linux Cross-Target Support

The files provided here were used at DLS to generate embedded Linux systems for use with EPICS control. Note that all of these files have been configured to work specifically within the DLS development environment which has its own quirks.



If you are interested in using these tools or have any problems or questions, then please contact me and I'll try and improve the documentation!


Version iconSource Code
1-0 iconcrosstool-ng.tgz


The cross-compiler toolchains and libraries used for our Linux based target systems have all been build using the Crosstool-NG toolchain build system. This download has scripts for wrapping the installation and build process and includes the configurations we have used.

The configuration files and scripts in this release have been used with crosstool-NG version 1.4.2, released 2009/08/05.

The following target configurations are provided in the configs directory:

arm-xscale-linux-gnueabi Targets ARMv5TE Xscale processor, used for Libera support and power supply controller development.
powerpc-diamond-linux-gnu This has been used to target our MVME5500 processor cards, but is not in active use.
powerpc-405-linux-gnu Targets the embedded PowerPC core on Xilinx Virtex-II FPGAs.

Note that all associated sources, including the crosstool-NG project itself, must be downloaded separately. Crosstool-NG automates this process, and this DLS script is unlikely to be of general interest.